THE BEST replacement knife for KitchenAid FGA meat grinder food chopper. Very sharp. Stainless Steel. TWO PACK

Price: $17.75 - $16.50
(as of Jun 10,2018 17:37:32 UTC – Details)

Experience the difference with the new designed sharp stainless steel blades. TWO PACK. New stainless steel parts. Very sharp, new design. These fit the white plastic (FGA) meat grinder attachment by Kitchenaid. These are especially made for the plastic FGA food chopper. THEY DO NOT FIT ANY OTHER MEAT GRINDER except the white plastic FGA meat grinder attachment from Kitchenaid. Purchase DOES NOT include the meat grinder itself.TWO PACK. The BEST sharp replacement blade for the KitchenAid FGA meat grinder and food chopper. NO RUST guarantee from Smokehouse Chef.

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