The Best Way to Lose Fat But Not Lose Muscle

Eat a low carb high protein diet and exercise with both cardio and resistance training.

I lost 137 pounds over the last 20 months. After research on the subject I found and still find these principles to be the best:

(1) Right portion sizes, focus on nutritious foods that work the metabolism.

I made sure my carbs were complex carbs — whole wheat, oats, NO enriched flours or processed sweeteners.

(2) Resistance exercises — started with 10 lb dumbbells and worked my way up. I work out twice a week on the weights — I do 3-4 months weights then 3-4 months bodyweight only exercises alternating. Challenge the body, but do not destroy it.

(3) Cardiovascular exercise 4-5 times per week, 30 min. minimum per session. Get those lungs and legs working. Make sure heart rate is 140 and above — as much as possible. It’s a goal to work toward.

(4) Find out what fit people your age and gender can do and set goals (long and short term) to meet those goals. Always be thinking a week – a month – 3 months and 12 months down the road. The goals keep me on track. Do not let goals be met without having new ones you are excited about.

(5) Again, Right portion sizes are the key! It’s hard to get the idea. Really, after 20 months I’m still having to accept that my old portion sizes and eating habits are lethal. I’m still learning healthy ways to think about food intake.

Participate in an aerobic exercise. (Such as cycling or spinning) this type of work out utilizes your muscle while working your heart at the same time and burns a lot of calories in the beginning.

The best way to lose fat is to fast on juices.

When I want to lose unwanted fat, I fast on juices for a week or ten days.

Your digestive system shuts down for a few days and you can drink as much fresh squeezed juice (fruits and veggies) as you want.

It will be a drag the first day or two then you will have so much energy, your body will feed off the stored fat in your body.

In ten days you should lose about ten to fifteen pounds.

· Run stairs.

· Go to bed hungry. Turn off that TV and the stupid renting of movies. Raise your arms in the air and say: I can move! I can walk! I can ride a bike! I can lift a weight. I can do a pushup etc. Quit going out to eat. Learn to love being hungry! Throw away all the junk food! Eat smart. And then quit worrying about losing muscle.

It is the fat and the worthless expensive delicious food that we have become addicted to that is the key to our demise.

Source by Allen Crocombe

Post Author: MNS Master