The Chicken Diet to Lose Weight Fast

It is a fact that eating chicken is a much food to consumer instead of beef if you wish to lose fat fast. The reason for this is that chicken typically has much less fat than beef. However, there are certain things that you must do in order to get the full benefit. In this article I will give tips on cooking and preparing it so you can be on your way to a slimmer body.

The first thing to consider is to take the skin off the chicken you will eat. You will be eating a healthier piece of meat by doing this and you will also be removing the fat that is stored between the skin and the actual meat.

Another tip is when you cook it, do not add oil to the pan. Instead, add the piece of meet to your pan and and place a cover so the vapor doesn’t escape. This will draw the fat from within the chicken and it will cook in its own juices. This way you will extract the fattening juices from it and you will have a very tasty piece of chicken.

Another way of cooking it is in a rotisserie. Your chicken will get a nice golden color and the fattening juices will drip out and you will have a tasty lunch or dinner. These meals do not take long to cook and do taste good compared to other health foods. If you goal is to lose weight fast, then focusing on the way you cook things will make a difference.

Source by Felicity Davis

Post Author: MNS Master