This Lodge Cast Iron Pan Is on Sale for Under $15

[Photograph: Vicky Wasik]

Happy new year from the commerce team! Even though the holidays are long gone, we know that the search for great cookware (at a great price) is a year-round pursuit. So you can expect to keep hearing from us—occasionally—when we find worthy deals on Serious Eats’ top-recommended pots, pans, knives, gadgets, and more. Today’s find? A 10-inch Lodge cast iron pan for under $15.

There are plenty of myths out there about cast iron cookware—namely, that it’s difficult to maintain. But we’ve done the research and found that it’s really not. You can find all our guidance on cleaning and maintaining cast iron cookware right here.

Once you’ve seasoned your pan, it’ll be ready for cooking all sorts of foods, including fluffy, chewy, golden-brown garlic knots; cheesy, comforting pasta bakes; ridiculously easy pan pizza; and even a full chicken dinner. We’ve also encountered rumors of an upcoming cast iron skillet cookie recipe from Stella.

[Photograph: Emily Dryden]

You didn’t hear it from us, though.

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