Timoney Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Pow Wok Red Elm Traditional Hand Hammered Stir-Fry Pan with Helper…

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Use and maintenance of handmade carbon steel wok ?

1, after each use, after cleaning, the water inside the pot is baked with a small fire
2, after drying and applying a layer of cooking oil, can extend the service life and accelerate the process of raising the pot
3, if the iron rust, rust washed with steel balls, applying a layer of oil on the OK
4, can not use the iron pot to cook acidic fruits, such as bayberry, hawthorn, apple In summary, according to this method, the pot can be maintained black and bright, the more you use it, the true uncoated non-stick pan
1.5 mm thick round bottom pot wall,carbon steel wok is pre-seasoned by artisans, easy to use, reducing trouble and time
Hand-welded one-piece handle, joint reinforcement, will not fall off.Imported red eucalyptus handle, comfortable and durable, anti-scalding
No chemical coating, less smoke and easier cleaning than other iron pans
Traditional Chinese wok, cold forging and hammer hand, make the original iron plate more dense, physical non-stick
Maintenance wok: After each use, remember to dry the water droplets with cotton cloth or dry it with a small fire to improve the service life and no rust, healthier.

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