Top 3 Soup Tricks That Lead to Weight Loss

Looking to lose some pounds quickly and safely? Scientists have now proven that nutrition can account for 70% of your weight loss efforts. However, if the thought of cycling diet food and tiny portions are discouraging your weight loss efforts, take heart. With some creativity you can eat satisfying and tasty meals and still lose weight. Soups are perfect for weight loss because they are filling and can be made in a variety of ways. Here are some simple ways to transform your favorite soup recipes into powerful weight loss aids.

Stock instead of fat: Eliminate fat from your soup recipes by sauteing your ingredients in stock. This increases the flavor of your food without extra calories. Once your soup is ready to serve you can add half a teaspoon of heart healthy fat, such as extra virgin olive oil per serving of soup. This way you get all the mouth feel of fat without adding extra calories.

Fiber rich creamy soups: You do not need fatty cream to make your soup taste rich. Use red lentils in your recipe. Red lentils break down to imp a nice creamy texture into your soup. They also add a nutty flavor to your soup, not to mention extra B vitamins, fiber and protein.

Secrets of yogurt: A wonderful way of livening up simple soups is by adding a generous dollop of fat free yogurt just before serving. Enjoy all the sensations of a rich soup without the added calories.

Other weight loss substitutions include adding whole wheat pasta to noodle soup recipes, adding cayenne pepper instead of black pepper (cayenne is a proven metabolism booster) and using spices for flavor instead of fat.

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