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If you are looking for a way to set up a tropical fish aquarium in your home then there are certain things you must know before you start collecting the items needed.

Let’s look at the tropical fish aquarium from a different perspective. The tropical fish are primarily made to live in the sea water, but we are looking for a way to make them live in a small aquarium tank. No matter what you do an aquarium tank can never be replaced with real life sea life. I an aquarium we can try our best to rebuild the kind of environment that the tropical fish will enjoy, but certainly has limitations.

That is why selecting the exact types of tropical fish will help you create a healthy aquarium in no time at all. Not all tropical fish can survive in the small tank. Also there are certain species that will never live together and cam cause danger to lives of each other.

That is why the best types of tropical fish that you can use in your home aquarium are.

1) Blue Gourami or 3 Spot Gourami

2) The Black Moor Goldfish

3) The Butterfly Loach

These 3 types of tropical fish are best as pet tropical fish that you can have in a home aquarium. Actually there are hundreds of types of tropical fish with great amount of colors that can easily add to the beauty of you tropical fish aquarium, but as I said they must be willing to adjust themselves to the kind of environment you will be creating in a small aquarium.

Types of tropical fish varies with not just colors, but the kind of food they eat and types of tropical fish they will go with. Amongst the many types of tropical fish such as Rainbows, Danios, Barbs, the butterfly loach is the one that can go very well with any kind of other type of fish and helps to keep the tank clean too.

I hope this article was informative.

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