Useful Tips and a Way to Bake a Flapjack Recipe

Who could resist savoring a chewy flapjack recipe? Do you know that aside from its delicious flavor, it could also be a good source of vitamins? This is very helpful especially for moms who have picky kids. You can do variations using vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, ginger, and zucchini among others. Or you could use or add fruits such as apple, blueberry, squash, and banana. Other usual ingredients include sugar, nuts, raisins, vanilla extract and flour. Do not be afraid to do your own experiments too. By doing this, you can have your own signature recipe. In the US, flapjack is commonly referred to as thick pancakes. This could be a cheap substitute for the real cakes because you can bake it without eggs or alcohol. Whereas in UK, it is usually baked as bars made from oats, butter and sweet syrup.

Oats are traditionally used for chewy flapjack recipe. These are good source of iron, zinc and vitamin B. By adding vegetables and fruits, you and your kids could benefit from other vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C and E. Vitamin C boosts resistance while vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant agent. Now we can eat with a happy conscience. This is therefore a good food for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. This is also favorable meal to be included in the diet for those who are engaged in a fitness program.

Baking a chewy flapjack recipe would require you to have an oven. Other materials and equipment include a baking pan, mixing bowl, knives, scoops or spoons, scale and parchment paper. There are so many different mixtures available online for a chewy flapjack recipe. However, the procedures are almost similar. The mechanism of cooking is very similar with baking.

Just mix the base ingredients first such as butter, syrup and sugar in simmering water.

Once thickened, transfer the mixture in a large bowl.

Add oats and other ingredients. Please note that when using vegetables or fruits, these should be even washed.

Mix all ingredients and put these in a baking pan lined with grease-proof paper like parchment paper.

Bake for 15 to 25 minutes in a preheated oven at 180C. It is done once the flapjacks are golden brown in color.

Toppings such as nuts and raisins could have added for more appeal. But remember, for a chewy flapjack recipe, the temperature is lower compared when baking a crispy flapjack. The difference is 150C.

Another important tip for chewy flapjack recipe is to use the locally available resources in your market. Your ingredients need not to be imported in order for it to be delicious. With the proper measurement and cooking, everyone will crave for your recipe. Lastly, never give up on trying if your first attempt is a burnt flapjack. Practice does make it perfect. But do not worry, it seldom happens with flapjack. You could feed your family and loved ones especially especially your kids once or twice a week. You all deserve some sweet and healthy treat.

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