Using un-fed starter amazing sour!

A baker on Perfect Sourdough has posted a number of times about using unfed starter as levain . His argument is the hungry beasties are ready to devour the addition of flour in any form so why bother feeding them well ahead of time? I loved the idea and the reasoning certainly made sense to me. I had a couple hundred grams of starter in containers that hadn’t been fed in a couple weeks. I weighed it out and added freshly milled spelt and Kamut 32g each and freshly milled Turkey Red 150g,  2% salt and the levain about 250g enough water and KA BF to make an 1100 g batard. I always autolyse everything together for a few hours. Came back and it was puffy and lovely. Did  three s&f at 30 min intervals. Left it alone for another hour or so then stretched and patted  more or less like ciabatta and placed in my huge banneton. Retarded 18 hrs . Not a huge rise but oh boy… the fragrance and flavor are astounding!!! And the crust was the most crisp caramelized I could ask for. I don’t usually like “ sour” and neither does my husband but… this is fabulous with the gorgonzola we splurged on. The crumb is beautiful open tender and very cool mouth feel. I know many here were trying to get a more sour bread. This is it I think..don’t feed ahead of time.

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