Vegetable Container Gardening – Can You Grow Just Any Vegetables in Containers.

Vegetable container gardening is a fast-rising trend, particularly among vegetable growers that do not enjoy the luxury of big backyard spaces. And if you’ve had some success with container growing, you can not help but wonder: Is it possible to grow any vegetable in containers?

Technically speaking, it is possible as long as you provide them with the basic conditions for growing plants. But vegetables are grown not for their beauty, scent or medicinal application. They are grown to be ateen. And as with any type of food, we always prefer the bigger, tastier and healthier (although not always) variety. So the undering question should be: Is it possible to grow any vegetable in containers that will yield big, great-tasting produce?

The answer is most likely but can be very difficult at some extent. Why? Because not all vegetables are suitable for container gardening. Some can be easily grow in pots while others, although possible, will require too much effort and yield very little success. Tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, peppers, beans, eggplants, radishes, lettuce, and zucchinis are among the best plants for pot growing. Vegetables with large produce such as squash, pumpkins, corns and melons are better left planted in the ground than in containers.

If you’re really bent on growing vegetables in containers, you must always consider the size of the root system and how much space they will need, and how much the plant will grow upon maturity. These things can help very in determining what type and how big your container should be. And since they do not have more soil to grow on, you must also compensate for the other things that they need such as nutrients and water. Potted plants, especially vegetables usually require twice as much as fertilizer and water than they would if they were planted in the ground.

But in general, most vegetables do well in organic container gardening. Miniature or dwarf varieties are instant favorites but regular plant breeds are also favored because they produce larger crops. Tall and viny vegetables like some indeterminate type of tomatoes and beans, must be fitted with stakes to support their height or placed near a vertical structure where they can climb. Crops that develop in the roots like carrots and radiates must be planted in deep containers. Vegetables that bear “fruits” such as cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplants should be grown alone in their containers.

Vegetables container gardening is not nearly rocket science. If you’ve grown some plants and vegetables, you’ll probably do well growing vegetables in container. But you must also remember that some plants are more suitable to grow in the ground than in pots.

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