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Nobody warned me and I didn’t see any labels regarding this when I bought flour and basic baking equipment. They really should have……

Last night I told my housemate that I had been feeling really strange all day. I have various medical conditions relating to childhood cancer, so straight away he offered to take me to hospital. My reply was and what exactly  do I tell them ? I’m an addict with withdrawal symptoms…..

The weird look on his face was quickly replaced,  and accompanied by loud laughter as I explained I hadn’t baked any bread that day and really missed kneading.

I AM AN ADDICT , and it has only been 3 months.

I am mostly housebound, a wheelchair user and  I love crafting.  I have discovered baking bread  is just another craft and gathering supplies, books, watching videos and reading forum and FB group posts is just as addictive.
I home educate my youngest , soon to be 12 year old daughter, and she is so chuffed to be able to make a loaf from start to finish by herself. We normally bake side by side and have found baking to be filling all sorts of curriculum requirements both on food education and science .  We have even found ourselves repeating the mantra, ” Glutenin and Gliadin ” as we knead, lol.

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