Wealth & Substance, Beans and Sauerkraut

Everybody wants easy wealth or “easy wealth”, but not everyone achieves it either way. The easiest wealth is the wealth you genuinely earn in a smart way, no strings attached. Wealth earned in a “smart way” (of course, in quotes) is akin to silliness as we soon shall see. I and my Mother were watching a CNN special on the Kennedy family, and the CNN coverage of the Donald Trump Presidency, and I realized the subtle difference between easy wealth, and “easy wealth”. When I mean easy wealth without the quotes, I mean intelligently earned, genuinely moral wealth that is honestly come by without irrational short cuts. What I mean by irrational short cuts is this though: Avoiding market discipline realities and workings and going purely by the political entrepreneur route of pull and genuinely irrational schemes that seem to be rational when you take those routes, but ultimately down the road, everything has its giant price, especially that sort of “ease”. Bear with me, I am explaining a whole paradigm in an article here, if you really want to get all that I am trying to convey here, read between the lines, you could write a whole book off of what I am writing here. Back to the subject, though. Market disciplines and genuine honesty always seem like the hard way when considering time investments, because to an irrational mind, quick always seems “better” quickly, worse as a long time investment when full ramifications are looked at rationally.

In this game of life, cooking beans and sauerkraut making we must be realistic, and do it correctly. I include cooking beans as a metaphor, and correct sauerkraut making as a metaphor because, if you cook dry beans too quickly without soaking them, even if you think you are doing them right, they will come out with rocks, hard places, and bad foreign objects in them. If you do the beans right, they are better than canned beans, more flavorful and tender, and just like you want them. Same with brewing fresh sauerkraut in a sense. Reality to come out right must be obeyed, or it ends up all wrong, however clever your scheme to “beat the game easy” seems.

This is the bottom line, real power comes through market discipline, easy power comes through cutting corners, draconian measures, and political “disciplines”. Perception has everything to do with hypnosis, so I will say this: Ease and hard are only perceptions, but failure and success are realities of any game, including life. That is what I am using the correct and wrong cooking beans and sauerkraut metaphors for, really. To succeed, things must be done in a certain way in the correct combination that does succeed, that is all. Failure is everything else, however easy, sneaky, tricky or clever seeming. There are not any short cuts in that sense. An ounce of doing things correctly is worth thousands of tons of beautiful theory, I once understood, especially when failure comes from beautiful theory that does not work. Success is everything, let us face it all.

Source by Joshua Clayton


Post Author: MNS Master