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Time for the weekly bake and I decided that I want to improve  my shaping of a ‘torpedo’ style loaf

with more tapered ends. Not quite there but making a start…

Research first and I’ve found the following bakers on IG which shared their shaping and watched their videos endless times…

One is from @mothersoven and very much like a batard shape in BREAD, if I remember correctly…getting that tension right to be able to roll the ends – a bit like baguette –  is tough and will need much more practice…



I also had to change my schedule and decided to go with a premix – so mixed with salt using ice cold water and then put the cold dough with salt in wine cooler at 12C for the night. Dough temp was 19C at the beginning.

Got up at 5AM and added the overnight leaven.

This was :

2250g of with 50% Shipton Mill Dark Swiss Flour and 50% Canadian Strong bread Flour

15% levain from overnight fed at 80% hydration

78% hydration (dough felt stiff considering and forgot how thirsty the Canadian flour is…)

I used gentle Rubaud when adding levain and also a gentle lamination to warm dough up and then 3 X hourly S & F.

I then had to go out and basically the dough was left alone in proofer at 21C. I came home at 11:00 and the dough was ready to pre-shape, 30 min benchrest and 30 min rest in banneton before into 4C wine cooler.

It was nice to be able to use the pre-mix and knowing the dough will not turn into soup and also helps with developing that gluten without muscle power with that much dough…

Now, all the bread was given away apart from the smaller torpedo loaf  and crumb above…I really wish I could analyse crumb better to learn….I applied @mothersoven shaping and wonder whether my rolling it creates that denser area in the middle? The shaping learning is going to be continued….

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