What a Bread and Food Week That Was


Lucy was making up for lost time making two different breads.  One a 10% whole 5 grain yeast Naan and the other a 10% whole Kamut pizza dough.  The 5 grains for the Naan were red wheat, spelt, Kamut, rye and oat.  Both were made with and 10% pre-fermented whole grain flour poolish at 100% hydration and both dough flours were LaFama AP.   Overall hydration for both was 72%

Pizza Dough

Both had a short 30 minute autolyse with the salt sprinkled on top followed by 2 sets of 150 slap and folds each on 30 minute intervals.  Both had 3 sets of 4 stretch and folds also on 30 minute intervals followed by a 30 minute rest before being shaped into a ball and placed in oiled SS bowl for a long cold retard – 24 hours for the Naan and 48 hours for the pizza dough.

Naan Dough

Now for some differences.  The pizza dough had dried rosemary. Fresh garlic, chopped sun dried tomatoes and olive oil added in at the first set of stretch and folds and the Naan had 5% softened butter and fresh garlic added in during their first set.

Divided Pizza Dough

The Naan and pizza dough came out of the fridge 4 hours before baking, 24 hours apart.  The Naan and divided into (6) 144 g pieces and the pizza dough was divided into (3) 244 g pieces.   Both Naan and Pizza crusts were formed and shaped by hand the same way with the Naan more rustic.  Both were baked on 550 F stones.  The Naan was tossed on two different stones by hand one after the other and the pizzas  were slid on the bottom stone with a peel.

White Smoked Pizza with Portuguese Linguisa

The Naan was baked for 90 seconds each side and removed to warm towels where butter infused with fresh garlic was brushed on both sides and the 3 pizzas were baked for 5 minutes and then spun with the peel and baked for 3 minutes more, removed to cutting board for slicing with a pizza wheel and then placed on wire racks suspended over 9×13 baking pans – so that the crust stays crisp as it was when it came out of the oven.  We do not like inferior, thick, soft, floppy foldable NY style pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza

The 3 pizzas were a white pizza with smoked everything Portuguese Linguisa, smoked onion, smoked mushrooms and fresh mozzarella.  It was out least favorite topping combination for all 3 of us but the crust was the best killer crisp.  This is Chris Bianco’s most popular pie but he uses sweet Italian smoked sausage and smoked mozzarella and a different crust!

Sopresatta Pizza

We did put fresh grated, extra aged, Parmesan on each pie too.  The girls though this pie would be better with Bianco’s fresh sauce as the base but I thought it might be better with a Parmesan béchamel or asiago alfredo base to keep it a white pie.  Biaco’s is a killer pie and you should order it for sure but this one…. not so much.

The 2nd pie started as a basic Margarita using Biaco’s fresh sauce, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil with an added thin sliced smoked pepperoni and smoked onions.  The crust was still plenty crisp and this was the girl’s favorite pizza.

My favorite was the last of the 3. It started out like the 2nd one above as a basic margarita but this one added a thicker sliced smoked Columbus sopresatta sausage, red onions, red peppers and smoked mushrooms.  This was one fine pizza and my new favorite pie possibly of all time – at least for the moment.

Bianco’s fresh sauce is just a can of Marzano plum tomatoes, grown on the slopes of Mt Etna, crushed between the fingers with fresh basil until it is thick and smooth – no blending.  My fresh sauce uses fire roasted tomatoes with Italian herbs, fresh minced garlic, fresh basil and red pepper flakes crushed between the fingers until smooth.  The girls missed the smoky, garlicky, spicy sauce.

The Naan was perfect with the Indian Basmati rice and Chicken and Vegetable Tikka Masala my daughter loves so much. It was pretty yummy for sure.   The hard part is what left overs to eat for diner tonight.  Maybe I’ll put some Chicken Tikka Masala on that white pizza!

Lucy reminds us to never forget the salad with that Sopresatta Pie

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