Whipped Tiramisu Coffee

Dalgona coffee, also known as whipped coffee, is the layered South Korean drink that is taking the internet by storm. This version, made with instant powdered espresso, is inspired by the flavors of Tiramisu and served with crisp savoiardi cookies on the side.

Whipped Tiramisu Coffee Recipe

For the past two months I haven’t been able to scroll through any social media feeds without a recurring sight – glasses of milk with fluffy mounds of whipped coffee floating on top. Dalgona coffee is arguably the beverage of quarantine 2020. As a coffee enthusiast, I’ve been dying to try it for myself. It is made with instant coffee but the only kind of instant coffee I keep on hand is espresso powder. I’m happy to report that it whips into the most luxurious, sweet and intensely caffeinated clouds fit for topping ice cold milk.

The bold flavor of the whipped espresso reminded me of My Favorite Tiramisu recipe, so I was eager to bring some of those flavors to this unique coffee treat.
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