Why You Should Not Give Up on Coffee – Pro enrichment Tips

There is such thing as skill in competition. Competition has the good side of it -it brings down price. The bad side is it munches profit. The ugly side of it- it disrupts creativity. On the business point of view compete while you can and compete in a product where the market is limitlessly big. One such product to compete in is coffee. MCafee is sprouting at a faster rate all over Europe and in no time it can beat Starbucks. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world behind crude oil. Why coffee is popular than other beverages?

Coffee is attractive

Many pundits say that coffee is addictive. I will say coffee is attractive. Anything black is attractive. The backdrop of nature’s night has an inbuilt effect to the human mind for comfort and rest. Cola is the number one drink in the world is also black. Black is catchy against white as most writing format is a black writing against white background.

Coffee is a booster

Coffee drinking appears to start during the middle of the 15th century in the Sufi monasteries of the Yemen in Southern Arabia. Coffee keeps you awake and perhaps the Sufi members find it a good way to think and remember God while awake.

9 people out of ten consume coffee in the morning. This is to beat that fatigue after a good night sleep. It is also an afternoon booster. You can find most of your colleague drinking at least one cup of coffee in the afternoon just to stay awake to finish that remaining task. Coffee is also a good way to stay awake on the eve of any exams. All meetings should be served with cups of coffee for members’ alertness.

Add a pinch of coffee powder to rosewater with a drop of olive oil and rinse your mouth before bed

Coffee use to burn fat

Since caffeine was removed from the 2004 Anti- Doping Prohibited List studies have shown that taking caffeine before exercise burn more fats as an exercise fuel. You can read this report by the Australian Institute of Sports.

Coffee is a Mouth freshener

There are over 600 types of bacteria in the mouth. Bad breath negatively affect the individual’s personal, social, and business relationships leading to poor self esteem and increased stress. Coffee has a natural aroma which can ward off bad breath.

Bad breath is a human problem. Professor Mel Rosenberg set out to find out whether coffee causes bad breath, but his work showed that adding black coffee to bacteria-filled saliva blocked the release of gases that cause breath to smell. In some cases, the amount of gas was cut off up to 90 percent!

My suggestion is this: add a pinch of coffee to rosewater with a drop of olive oil and rinse your mouth before bed.

Coffee is a Romantic beverage

When compared to tea or other drinks coffee is a better drink when you go out for romance. As it gives you alertness, you can find out more about the other party. Yawning in the midst of a romantic dinner will give a negative signal to the special someone as it depicts disinterest. So when you go out with that special someone, drink coffee to stay alert and ‘interested’. Scientists from Southwestern University found caffeine increased the female libido in experiments on rats.:)

Coffee for health

Coffee drinking has shown apparent reductions in the risks of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and diabetes mellitus type 2, cirrhosis of the liver and gout. The antioxidant in coffee prevents free radical from causing cell damage.

Source by Gazzali Maidin

Post Author: MNS Master