Wife’s SD Loaf of the Week

My dear wife doesn’t like stuff in her bread.  No nuts, no seeds, no nothing.  For Lucy that is like missing out on some important bread flavor but it is better than not baking bread at all.  Still, Lucy was ready to come up with a bread for the dear one since she took Lucy to the Vet yesterday and came home with some kind of pills to help her recover from being stroked out.

I guess we all have to expect a stroke or two when we are 105 years old too.  I must say that she seems to feel better every day and getting around enough to go after the Roomba we got for Christmas.  Yes, the Roomba did prove that it is smarter than Lucy because the dog chases after it rather than the other way around.

This week’s bread is way different than what we would normally do when it comes to fermentation.   With it being really cold and below freezing at night lately, the kitchen is down to London temperature in the summer, 68 F, so we could do an overnight bulk ferment on the counter of 8 hours.  Or at least we thought we could at any rate.  It is sort of like being a Roomba and thinking you can clean my floors.

This week we had a 100% hydration, 10% pre-fermented flour, bran levain made up of 2.6% bran from the home milled whole grains made up of rye, Red and white wheat and oat in equal amounts and 7.4% of high extraction flour of the same grains.  We retarded the levain, after it doubled, for 24 hours.

We did a 1 hour autolyse with the remaining 10% of HE flour, 40% LaFuma AP and 40% Bob Red Mills Artisan Bread Flour with enough water to get the overall hydration up to 78% and the total whole grains up to 20%.  The retarded SD levain was being warmed up on the heating pad during the autolyse and the PH Sea Salt was sprinkled on top of it.

We did 150 slap and folds once the levain hit the mix and then 10 minutes later we did 50 more before covering the dough with plastic in an oiled SS bowl and leaving it on the counter overnight for 8 hours of bulk ferment.  It had only puffed itself up 30% overnight so we did a set of stretch and folds and put it back in the bowl for another hour and then did another set with another hour rest making for 10 hours total of bulk ferment on the cold counter.

It had risen about 75% during the 10 hours so we shaped it and put it into a regular wide loaf pan to mimic an Oroweat loaf from the supermarket placing the tin and dough into a plastic grocery bag for a final proof on the counter.,  We normally don’t do final proofs on a cold 68 F counter like this either so we had no idea how long it would take but figured about 4 hours if it was as slow as it was fermenting overnight but it took 7 hours.

Red Pork Enchiladas One thing we are hoping for is, that with the long bulk and final proof, the flavor should be boosted for this bread since slow bread is supposed to promote more flavor.  It is kind of fun to make a loaf of SD like some Fresh Lofians in the UK do all the time.  Slow food is good food and fast food will kill you – so don’t eat it😊  The only exception to the rule is salad which is fast and a Lucy favorite!

Pork Chili Verde

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