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Our beloved Maggie Hoffman has worn many hats over the course of her nine-year tenure at Serious Eats. She started writing for the site back in 2009 and went on to found and edit our Drinks vertical in 2011—a space she nurtured into a widely respected home for beverage-related content, like beginner’s guides to regional wines, home-brewing tips, spirits recommendations, and a mammoth collection of cocktail recipes. Since leaving her full-time managing editor position two years ago, she’s maintained a steady presence on the site, where she continues to contribute fresh and enticing cocktail recipes on a regular basis.

Now, Maggie’s combined her considerable spirits knowledge, her carefully honed experience in making and testing cocktails, and her robust Rolodex of top industry professionals to bring you The One-Bottle Cocktail, a collection of 83 bar-worthy cocktails designed with the home mixologist in mind. Every cocktail in the book can be made with just a single type of liquor and a handful of easily purchased, totally affordable supermarket ingredients. That means no more stressing over pricey payouts for unfamiliar or hard-to-find liqueurs, bitters, or vermouths. Organized by spirit—vodka, gin, agave, rum, brandy, and whiskey—with an additional section devoted to specific seasons and occasions, The One-Bottle Cocktail makes it easy to figure out how to polish off that lingering liter of rum and is guaranteed to expand your cocktail repertoire for your go-to bottle. It does so by forging surprising, nuanced, eminently sippable flavors from commonplace liquors and fresh fruits, herbs, and other seasonal ingredients, as well as vinegars, spices, and sodas. This is the kind of book that every home cocktail-maker should keep on their shelf.

This week, we’re making it easy for at least one of you to do just that, by giving away a copy of The One-Bottle Cocktail to a Serious Eats reader. Submissions will be accepted from now until 11:59 p.m. EST on March 8, 2018. See below for our entry form and submission rules, and be sure to stay tuned for some teaser recipes from the book over the coming weeks.

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