Zanzpc OTHER Set of 12 Divider Pads Pot and Pan Protectors Keep kitchenware Free of Scratches or marring When Stacking or Nesting cookware Accessories 4×10.5 inch,

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Size:Set of 12

Flower Pots and Pan Protectors will keep your cookware like new and free of scratches or marring. Place the pan separators between nesting pots and pans to provide a barrier that will protect cookware or bakeware.

made of soft felt material that will not scratch the surface of non-stick cookware or bakeware and can be trimmed to fit most kitchenware and is hand washable for easy cleaning.

Use Flower Pots and Pan Protectors to safeguard dishes, glassware, stoneware, stainless steel, copper and cast iron cooking utensils. The pan guard fits easily between cooking essentials to reduce slipping, locking and noise from clanging pots, pans and lids.

Reusable Flower Pots and Pan Protectors are stored in a drawer until needed to provide a barrier between expensive kitchenware and is perfect for the kitchen or RV.

The unique kitchenware protector can also double as a trivet at mealtime for hot bowls, cups or plates.


10 inch x 4

14 inch x 4

15 inch x 4

♚The best protection for Your cookware,Set of 12 soft yet durable protector pads for your pots, pans, or bowls and more,Size:4×10 Inch,4×14 Inch,4×15 Inch
♚non-woven pot protectors can protect all kinds of pots in your home, to prevent them from slipping and being sticky, fading or discoloration, and you can even use them to prevent the hot pot from damaging your furniture.
♚In addition to the convenient storage of your pots and pans, to help you save the kitchen space, Place pan protectors in between pots and pans to avoid scratching and extend the life of your cookware. Our protectors can also be used in between glassware and ceramic to avoid locking or chipping
♚Versatility, Reusable, eco-friendly, perfect for nesting pans and cookware in small spaces and cabinets. Our pan protectors can be easily trimmed to perfectly fit your pans.

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